Unfolding the manifold avatars of a Teacher

The fact that over the years, the education system has transformed scientifically and technically,  with classrooms begetting interactive learning and enabling digitalization, one thing that holds the reins of enforcement of this system remains same, The Teacher. Indeed, the approach, the psychologism, and the ultimate goals have changed. For a teacher to compose a child as global-ready and make thrive in next-generation advancements, it is found that imparting knowledge, ages-old theories and methodologies merely help. Henceforth, the teacher is expected to act as a simulator in structuring, shaping and subsisting a student into innovative, challenging and critical thinking individual.


Teachers matter more to student achievement than any aspect of schooling. Typically, a student spends 37,000 – 40,000 hours in school during the lifetime. This is the crucial personality, behavioral and cognitive development period for a student. Thus, the impact of a teacher is high and intense. The study says that it is the teacher’s quality and effectiveness that contributes to the overall student’s performance. To constitute to this overall development, a quality-conscious teacher plays multiple avatars in enabling a student in terms of their creativity, analytical ability, and decision-making skills.


Some of the significant avatars a teacher play in a student’s life:


1. The first Role Model

No wonder they’re those whose behavior traits, perceptions, beliefs, and values a student incorporates and embraces is regarded as their Role Model for the lifetime. A teacher being the person in teaching and guiding a kid starting as a kindergartner till an adolescent, their growth path is directed by their teacher’s conscientiousness. Many teachers from history, from Swami Vivekananda till Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, have become the role models for many students inspiring them to achieve their greatest dreams.


2. Academics Custodian

A teacher is a curriculum specialist who learns, plans, executes, evaluates, improves and reinforces the subject or activities to help the students understand and apply. Their goal is to engage and create interest in young minds to extend their overall comprehension of the subject so that they excel in academics.



3. Knowledge Explorer

Books are the keys to grow knowledge, explore the subject and understand the dimensions to think furthermore. Great scientists, philosophers, and scholars of past engage themselves in assimilating knowledge so as to innovate and build a better future. A teacher being the builder of a student’s career acquires knowledge to come up with extensive subject expertise, application knowledge and innovation in teaching.




4. Behavioral Trainer

A teacher is the most effective learning medium for any student. The thoughts, principles they instill in students’ minds that shape their attitude and behavior. The teacher should develop the conscience in students to differentiate right from wrong, ethical from unethical and mold them into a compassionate individual.



5. Ideas Incubator

The re-inventor of the concept of Gurukul, Rabindranath Tagore said: “The main objective of teaching is not to give explanations, but to knock at the doors of the mind”. Teaching should neither confine to the limited pages of a textbook nor the thoughts of a teacher solely. A teacher should evoke students into ideating and let them expand and explore their thinking nerves.



6. Talent Excavator

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students. They observe their interests, capabilities, passion and try to extract their best abilities. A teacher places a student inexpressive, challenging, decisive situations and tests their limits in order to bring out their underlying talents.



7. Personality Mentor

Student’s development is not only governed by academics and skills but through a balanced personality. This needs to be developed over the period in school-life. The beauty of school is that here a teacher gets to work on the root level of a student’s personality in order to improvise it better. A personality that helps the student to face the world, flourish in social situations and express oneself confidently.


Akshara’s Brand Ambassador

“Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.”

We, teachers at Akshara, are working towards making the difference the great leaders dreamt of. We are determined to transform every child as an innovative, confident and competent achiever to contribute to the advancements and betterments for the future world.


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