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The Warmth and Effective Hug, A Big and Endless Smile is the best part to know in parenting

The parent’s affection shapes a child’s happiness for life!!!
We all live busy, stressful lives and have endless concerns as parents, and we realise that the most important things we need is to stop and give our kids a big loving squeeze.

Showing our affection – in big bear hugs and passing ruffles of the hair, in sought-after treasures wrapped in pretty paper and time spent playing around the house.

As children begin to learn about how things work, they need the loving gestures of their parents to feel emotionally secure. They need to be assured that they are accepted into the family. The nurturing touch of a hug helps to establish trust and a sense of safety in them. It allows them to take in the sights and sounds of the world around them without worry. With a deep sense of security, hugging also leads to an openness to learn new things. It promotes open and honest communication between parent and child.

Our love and care give our children a strong foundation of self-confidence that helps them to view themselves positively and to try new things, knowing that our love for them is unchanging. We can boost our child’s confidence tremendously with a simple hug, empowering him to fully engage with the world out there. We can see ourselves as a “home-base” for our child to return to every time he needs a refuge from the “real world” – and recognize that he will need this, need us, less and less as he grows and matures.

A hug says “I will always love you”, Children are more willing to listen to what you have to say or expect when they feel better, so encourage them with a hug, and you just might notice their behavior improving!

Did you know, that a long hug can lift a child’s serotonin levels, elevating his mood and creating happiness!!!
Our hugs are the antidote for feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger, which our children may encounter. Let’s not be so quick to let go!

Children benefit greatly with this. It provides them with a safe place to which they can turn to when they feel scared or nervous. On top of that, hugging is also a great remedy for us, as parents, to eliminate the frustrations. These can happen when dealing with our children while letting them know that our love for them remains unchanged.
We hope that this will inspire you to spread the love and fill your child’s day with bear hugs
Have you hugged your child today?
why wait, Go give your child a hug right now!

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