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School Assembly – Start of the Day

At Akshara International School, the School assemblies are designed to be exciting and engaging, every student’s enthusiasm for attending assembly is likely to spill over into their regular classes too.

School assembly helps building a culture of communication, and representation of academic and co-curriculum activities.

Akshara’s, morning assemblies are a must thing to begin the day with. Every day, all students assemble at the ground and begin the day with a prayer, The General news reading, Special activity, Celebrations, the most waiting birthday wishes, and instructions are followed past the prayer and the students make a speech on the important topics.

Here comes our school principal, taking over the charge of the assembly, and everyone, including staff along with children, waits and excites for the special announcements. Knowing if any medals are being presented and finally that voice saying to follow discipline, to be good. The immediate cheer claps of Akshara are the most awaiting moment to walk into the classrooms matching the drum beats.

This is how a usual day with an assembly meeting starts at the school. School assembly clarifies school activities and lays out a program focusing on the co-curricular activities. It simply strengthens the way a school works. It is conducted with the complete and active participation of the students, and the teachers. Morning assembly meetings generally well planned and carefully conducted, putting a lot of light on various aspects of school activities and culture.

Morning assemblies are important. A school is an institution to carry out all the functions and be well informed about the school happenings. The school assembly is meant to full fill the purpose of conventional gathering and that’s for good.

Akshara International School assemblies clarify school activities and programs and also focuses on the co-curricular life of every child, it also strengthens work of the every child and be a motivating factor. School assembly will be conducted with our children guide by our Staff who make sure that, every child gets a chance to participate, which allows them to go on to the school assembly stage, holding a mic, heading up to say something good and positive to their friends in front of teachers gives them lot of confidence.

Purposes of a school assembly include the following:

  1. To develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students.
  2. To acquaint students with the school program more clearly.
  3. To develop in students a sense of identity with the school.
  4. To enable students to share their experiences, stories, anecdotes with others.
  5. To provide them training in good social behavior desired in public life.
  6. To motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or rewards awarded in public.
  7. To celebrate national festivals, Independence Day, republic day, birthdays of great leaders, and so on. These leaders could be political leaders, scientists, poets, writers, and so on.
  8. To facilitate the moral and religious development of students.
  9. To facilitate national integration and secularism through all-religion prayer meetings among students.
  10. The main intention of the school assembly is to develop a feeling of unity among all the students and teachers.

Akshara Believes, School being the foundation of a student’s life, assemblies help them gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day. The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture that binds everyone together.


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