Prefect Discipline Team

The Disciplinary Committee
Akshara International School, LB Nagar has initiated and instituted a unique disciplinary committee as “Akshara Prefect Team”. This team comprises of students selected from all sections of classes VI to X. The team gets changed yearly twice. During the tenure, these students are engaged in the upkeep of school discipline related to uniforms, cleanliness across the campus, classroom conduct and overall in-premises behavior of students. The committee functions under the guidance of School Assembly Team. Students selected to the team get rare opportunity to learn and participate in school discipline monitoring aspects and become responsible citizens.

Special Student Discipline Committee

Representation of students from VI to X

Students gets changed twice a year

Team to uphold school discipline 

Opportunity to learn and monitor conduct within classrooms 

Behavioural corrections in a natural manner

Functions under School Assembly Team

Grooming as responsible citizens

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