The pedagogy adopted and adapted at akshara is a unique blend of research based projects, conventional chalk and talk method. We encourage our teaching faculty for integrating information technology at each and every level of planning. Students are given a platform to nurture their talents through subject wise events like science week, math week, Literary club, MUN, etc. 

Flipped classroom strategies are adopted by our teachers to enhance student centered learning by reversing the traditional model of classroom. To bridge the gap between classroom learning and real world, students are motivated to use Audi visual room, computer labs to further strengthen their knowledge.

Self learning, peer learning in inculcated in students in order to enrich their communication skills. Different kinds of learners, based on their learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are identified through informal assessments and teaching strategies are planned catering to the learning styles of students.

Akshara teachers adopt integrated and inter disciplinary curriculum apart from the regular classroom teaching. Communication Skills Enhancement Program (CSEP) is conducted across all the grades to enable our students to be at par with current trends in communication. 

At Akshara all the major domains of learning (Blooms) – Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective are considered while teaching learning activities are presented to students. These activities enable them to be holistic individuals. 

Differentiated teaching techniques help both teachers and students to cope with the current trends in education.

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Akshara international school in Hyderabad has achieved the credentials of been the best CBSE School in Hyderabad by our outstanding teaching and management team. We’ve been making lives better by producing leaders of society

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