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Admission Enquiry

Dear Sir / Ma�m
There is an online enquiry made for the admission.
Here are the details

Admission Details
Enquiry code: StuentQueryCode
Seeking Grade
Academic Year
Student Information:

Student Name
Date of Birth
Address Details
Parents Information

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Father’s Mobile No
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Akshara International School, Nadergul near TCS Adibatla

Akshara International School, Nadergul is aesthetically designed  with world-class learning infrastructure amidst lush locale. The team at Akshara Nadergul is destined to impart simplified learning methodologies and enable exemplified life skills. Our blended pedagogical systems, integrated sports, and co-curricular training; transformed us as the Best CBSE International School in Hyderabad

Knitting knowledge endeavors at Nadergul Near TCS Adibatla

CBSE with IB

Akshara International School, Nadergul follows the CBSE curriculum for all grades aligned with IB methodology in Pre-primary and Primary. Our teachers follow a broad and balanced approach to prepare students for excellence in academics and for the competitive world.

The Key Features of Akshara International School, Nadergul are:

  • Semi-residential Campus
  • Large and spacious Classrooms
  • Library, Laboratories and Activity Rooms
  • Sports Centre of Excellency – “Akshara Sports Academy
  • Fully developed Playgrounds
  • Guidance of expert Coaches, PETs and Trainers
  • Swimming Pool with trained Coaches
  • Secured Campus with the CC Cams surveillance
  • Career Foundation Programme
  • GPRS-enabled buses for Transport