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Major Missing NIGHT CAMP at Akshara International School – 2021

A Major Missing “#NIGHT_CAMP” at Akshara International School for this year.
Kids are already missing the school and it’s been one year three months and badly wanted to go back to see the school running and jumping to meet their teacher’s friends and supporting staff.
Unfortunately, it’s been a year, since this #pandemic which made everything weird, and upside down.
So here we are, wanted to recollect some memories. The special and favorite event for students of “Akshara International School” gathering together in the April month of every year.
As guessed, it’s #AKSHARA’S adventurous “#night_camp” which is designed to have fun and provide a direct learning experience. Spaced out within a day and overnight, students enjoy newfound independence away from home and beyond books.
Kids staying away from home brings a variety of new challenges. The main emphasis at the camp is to have students living together with other students, spend quality time with friends and teachers and enjoy the simple camp pleasures within the safe, healthy, and stimulating environment.
This is the most sought-after program. From day to night a series of non-stop adventure activities and fun games will keep the kids hooked. Supplemented with their favorite, delicious and nutritious food. A dose of valuable leadership skills and a night of campfire with fun, exciting games, outdoor sports, music, dancing to the beats ensures a goodnight’s sleep at Tents.
This fast-paced, powerful program like a T-20 Cricket and Kabaddi matches promises some laugh, thrill, excitement, and cheers in that short span where values, character, and outdoor experiences are emphasized over competitions.
“And that moment!”
Exactly the mornings, where they need to leave the camp with parents sharing their experiences, carrying their luggage full of emotions, and a heart full of affections is worth watching to see with the eyes open wider.
Our dearest children, we are missing you too. Hope to be back to school and let’s meet soon!
Till then,
Happy Home Schooling!

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