Journaling, A diary writing Habit for kids!!!

Journaling, A diary writing Habit for kids!!!

Diaries are a wonderful way to keep track of life – and hold onto memories. They are also great for spotting patterns in life and tracking progress towards goals. Not only can it be enjoyable and reflective, journaling also has multiple benefits related to literacy and social growth. Plus, you might just spark a fire in your budding writer!

Sitting down every night and writing a page or two in the diary is a discipline by itself. Random writing every once in a while naturally does not lead to discipline, but it does lead to some great memories. But if your child is regular with the journal writing, it is likely to be regular with other matters as well.

Why?, When we are looking for ways to instil discipline in the child’s life and wondering how to keep them productively engaged, setting them off on a path of continuous self-analysis to develop a holistic personality and also empowering kids with excellent communication skills, and analytical and creative thinking abilities along the way.
The answer to all these questions may lie in the art of diary-writing as it is more commonly known. The diary-writing habit holds out the promise of multiple long-term benefits for a child.

To start with, penning down thoughts and emotions based on experiences has a therapeutic effect on the mind and helps attain inner peace. Besides being a creative pursuit, maintaining a diary also creates a record of memories to look back at..
Encourage your child to Write their diary!!!
Keeping a diary helps to reflect on past experiences, learn from them and analyse where one stands in life. Moreover, it also helps to improve penmanship..
Children, especially younger ones, are most likely to take to diary-writing if they find that the layouts of the diaries or notebooks are attractive. So, let your child choose and buy their favourite one. Also, once you bring the diary home, you can help him personalise it with some creative artwork.If your child can devote a good amount of time, they can make entries about all these points and not restrict themselves to one or two..
Diary entries can be of an impersonal nature as well. So, if your child has interest in sports, films, current affairs, literature and so on, they can pen down their thoughts on topics of their choices. This will improve the analytical thinking and writing skills, and fuel the desire to actively seek knowledge..
Also, letting them not worry about making mistakes or about how well they would be able to express the thoughts, as this will improve with time..
Setting aside a particular hour in the day when they should sit down to write. Also, decide how much time your child will spend on this activity and make sure that they adheres to the time limit. If your child does miss out on writing on a particular day, then make sure that they makes up for it the next day or soon enough. This will make them take the activity seriously..
Encourage every child to share the entries with you, so that parents can track the progress and offer useful tips to improve writings. However, do this only when your child willingly wants to share the entries with you. Preteens are usually reluctant to share their thoughts with their parents.

Armed with the above said tips, #AksharaInternationalSchool, guides every child to get into the habit of diary-writing and encourages penning their thoughts through different activities and events

Journaling is full of academic and emotional growth opportunities for your children. So, them to this new tool. Soon enough, they’ll be writing volumes!.
So, don’t wait. Grab the next opportunity to gift a diary and have your young writer scribble away with joy!


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