Instilling the interests of students towards comprehensive learning 

Grooming students as a responsible citizen is the most important role, every teacher plays on a day-to-day basis. Every student is born with immense talent and inner zeal. It is up to teachers, how to tap that talent and direct the destinies of students towards the real progress.


The ideal teachers go beyond the limited timetable, prescribed syllabus and other academic timelines, to achieve comprehensive growth in each student. Today in the information-driven world, teaching has become furthermore challenging one. Only when the teacher inspires young students, beyond their books into the abundant information available outside, the teaching process becomes successful.


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All that teachers need is to put little extra effort to make the learning process more realistic one rather than a monotonous activity.


Whitney Rapp and Katrina Arndt, authors of the New Teaching Everyone: An Introduction to Inclusive Education say is “you need to imbibe the interests of students to make learning relevant, authentic and valuable”.


Some of the successful ways to engage students and help them feel personally connected to their learning process are:


Relevance to Real Life

  • One of the key factors that involve students in their learning is to ensure that what they are learning is having relevance in their life. Use real-life experiences and examples in each lesson that they teach.
  • Use culturally relevant materials to make the relevant connection between what students learn inside the classroom and outside the classroom.
  • Apply everyday examples in teaching Maths and Science classes. For example: demonstrate how to apply the math concepts in managing personal finances, ensuring nutritional sustenance, and scheduling daily activities.


Apply Interests and Attractions

  • As young lads, students possess a lot of interests and fascinations towards many comic characters, mythological idols, and other fiction aspects. Explore such areas of intense interest to make the learning more engaged process.
  • To help discover what students are passionate about, the teacher can do a quick survey among students to find their interests and fascinations and to help them grasp the academic content.


Choices rather than Chances

  • Teachers can succeed only when they allow students to make own choices about how they learn lessons.
  • Divide 2 to 3 students into a separate group and let them learn the teamwork, coordination and group exploration techniques.
  • Customize homework based on the individual interests of students.


Self-evaluation skills

  • Evolve various means and ways to support students to practice self-regulation.
  • To make learning easier process, engage students to evaluate whether or not they have been paying attention at random intervals throughout the school day.


Nurture the Naïve

  • Teachers have to encourage students to go beyond their inborn inhibitions and shyness to actively participate in group learning activities
  • Children are natural attention seekers. Thus, pay attention to students by taking strengths and limitations to make learning an easy-going process.

Build trust

  • Mutual trust plays a vital role in any learning environment. Earn the trust of students with consistent encouragement and friendly treatment.
  • Teachers can engage students in reviewing the learning objectives such as what exactly students are expected to learn, do, know, and so on.


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