Important Tips for Selecting a Best CBSE School in Hyderabad

Congratulation! You have reached a most important milestone in parenting life, selecting a school for a child is the drawing of foundation for his/her future in the field of education and life skills.
Every grown-up person carries the inculcated values of his childhood schooling throughout life. So, as parents, it becomes our responsibility to consider few points while selecting a good school to our child.
1. Do Your Research
Before filtering out the schools you may be interested, have a precise idea of what works best for your family and your child? What kind of an environment does your child enjoy working in a structured or an unstructured one? Does your child need extra attention? Armed with precise answers to questions like these, you can make a list of schools that meet your needs. School websites and prospectus will give you plenty of information to help add the schools to your list. Also, talk to like-minded parents and ask them for suggestions.
2. Core Values of the School
Try and figure out what their philosophy towards education is. Have a talk with the founders of the school, and Principal to get to know what their approach toward schooling is or check on their website. Do they believe only in academic excellence or educate children by giving them ample opportunities in other areas such as life skills, arts, and sports?
3. Does it meet Your Child’s Needs?
Take into consideration the school’s particular approach to teaching and learning. Do they provide stress-free education to kid? Encourage all the children to participate in activities. Keeping in child learning capacity into consideration, some children are slow learners. Do they provide extra time and help for such students? Keep your evaluation for the long haul and not just the current year and shortlist schools that would match with your child’s personality and interests.
4. The Infrastructure
Do consider the school infrastructure on top. Does the school have adequate open play area, fields for sports and games events? Does it have a natural greenery environment with well lighted and airy classrooms, to help kids stay away from the artificial environment? Is the classroom inspiring, tidy, well maintained along with all over school premises maintained well? These are the few questions you need to examine regarding school infrastructure.
5. School Curriculum
Curriculum refers to all the learning experiences of a student in both scholastics and co-scholastic areas. School curriculum should be designed on national and international standards considering global trends in education. Does the school curriculum focus on critical thinking, creativity, independent learning? Does the school have assessments in a simpler and child-friendly manner as referred by CBSE board continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) than arduous traditional method?
6. Safety Measures
Does the school undertake all the safety measures in school premises and during transportation services? As parent one needs to undergo all the consideration of safety measure for the child.

7. The School Authority
Is the school authority approachable by parents, so one can access them at any point of requirement? Even school apps and social media provide various answers to questions of parents.

8. Considering Trust or Group of the School
Questions these while considering school belonging to some trust or group:

  • Do they have centralized syllabus and curriculum to be followed by all the branches?
  • Does the school offer continuous training to the teachers of all the branches?
  • Do they have a centralized team to evaluate their teaching plan and aid?

9. Age criteria for Admissions commonly preferred in the CBSE School
The classes for every academic year commence from the first week of April. The registration for admissions gets open from the middle of September in some of the school of Hyderabad.
Age criteria for Application of Admission
Children have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admission to the CBSE Schools of Hyderabad as on June 1st of that year. As minimum age to appear for 10th grade board exam is 14 years. The required age limit for each grade should be as per the given table:

Admission into Grade Age by June 1
Nursery 2 years 6 months
PP1 3 years 6 months
PP2 4 years 6 months
Grade 1 5 years 6 months

10.  Visit the School
The school websites and social media channels give a good amount of insights about the school but visiting the school in reality nothing beat that. You get the first-hand review and feel about the school by yourself.
Best of luck! To all the parents, who are interested in admission for their child. And hope this blog will help you all in taking the first and most important decision of child’s milestone.

For the details of admissions in Akshara International School please check the school online tool for the admission process.

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