Grooming students as global citizens in the IIMUN way

Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) is a school of leadership and one of the World’s largest education conference management brands. IIMUN as a conference of the youth, for the youth, and by the youth, run completely by students in the age group of 16-25 years. It has its operations in 160 cities in India and 22 countries globally. It is guided Board of Advisors who are pioneers of their respective fields. It is a movement to unite nations by making the youth of the world become global citizens.

India as a Permanent Member


IIMUN organizes Model Indian Parliament and Mock UN Assembly sessions with school and college going students. One of the major objectives of IIMUN is to make India a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Akshara International Schools have been encouraging students to participate in IIMUN sessions to get first-hand exposure with regards to global issues, bilateral concerns and understand the role of the UN in solving such disputes, etc.


2018 Conference


This year, IIMUN has conducted Student-lead Conference with the theme “Taking India Forward” on 27th, 28th, and 29th July 2018. The 3-Day Conference included:


  1. First Day Opening Ceremony followed by motivational sessions by prominent people of Hyderabad
  2. 3 sessions with Resource Persons on IIMUN objectives, dividing students into countries, forming committees, brainstorming sessions between students, agenda preparation by students.
  3. 3 sessions of Student Presentations with the backdrop of Mock UN Session

Exposure to Students

All students representing a particular country were further divided into committees to deeply study the political backdrop of that country, identify major issues, derive the solution, discuss various advantages and disadvantages of the solution, bilateral concerns of the country and so on.

Model UN Session

The mock UN sessions were administered by a special team of student delegates from Executive Board Members of IIMUN Central Office, Mumbai, India. The sessions were conducted under the leadership of Chair and Vice Chair and other supporting teams of organizers. During the session, the students have represented their countries and presented their views, agendas to the UN.


Around 300+ students representing 10+ prominent schools of Hyderabad participated in the Conference. Akshara International School has sent a contingent of 30 students (from VII, VIII and IX classes) to take part in this conference.

Global Awareness

This annual event of IIMUN has immensely enabled participating students to get worldwide exposure, learn bilateral protocols, understand various types of governance, known issues that affect development, come up with most suitable agenda for the comprehensive progress of the selected country, etc.

Akshara Accolades

Master Sreecharan, VII Achievers has got special appreciation award in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Committee of Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN).

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